Team Thunderclouds researched and came up with a problem and solution to help an animal that also helps us (Animal Allie). The team chose to focus on K-9s in the police department because officer Jason spoke to them about his retired dog, Samson. Jason explained that Samson was a narcotics dog and got drugs off the street. Samson also could track and apprehend criminals. He was the longest serving German Shepherd on the force. He even brought the dog and demonstrated the things the dog can do. The Team empathized with the dog and handler, realizing it was probably hard to agree to let Samson retire, but it was in the best interest of his health. Now the department is down a dog. The dogs we learned are $13,000! The children decided a solution to this problem was to provide information about how amazing Samson was for the community and to raise money so the Biloxi PD can purchase another dog is Samson’s honor.